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          Shanghai Qinste
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            Shanghai Qin Steel Trade Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Qindi trade Co., Ltd.) is a service in steel business, a franchise of a large high-end color steel trading company, Our main varieties are galvanized color coated, galvanized color coated , galvanized light board, galvanized panels. BlueScope is Australia (formerly BHP), Ye Hui, Baoshan Iron and Steel, Taiwan Shang Xing, Union Steel a dealer, the company has ten years of marketing experience in color plates, is the earliest practitioners of the largest dealer of color plates One of the warehouses all over Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Chengdu, stock colors, complete specifications, nearly two million tons of standing stock, annual sales of over one hundred thousand tons. Welcome to inquire.

           Tel021-62097903 / 62097904 / 62097905  Fax021-62708877
          Person Mobile Areas of competence
          Wang Kai 13816691546 Jiangsu / Anhui / Henan / Zhejiang
          Xu Yunhui 13818014122 Yunnan / Guangdong / Sichuan / Chongqing / Guangxi / Hubei
          Du Minchao 15000333510
          Zhao Wu 13816691935 North China / Shanxi / Shandong
          Yu Bo 13601632646
          Lin Yuanhang 13918244928
          Ding Duolin 13816691548 Shanghai / Fujian / Jiangxi
          Lv Wei 13764302543 Shaanxi / Hunan / Zhejiang / Gansu / Xinjiang / Ningxia / Tibet / Qinghai
           AddNo.48,Xingyi Road,Room 1802,Block D,New Century Plaza,Shanghai
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          Tel021-62097903 / 62097904 / 62097905 Fax021-62708877
          AddNo.48,Xingyi Road,Room 1802,Block D,New Century Plaza,Shanghai